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CARANI® [Carob powder for animal feed] is an ingredient used as animal food. It is obtained from carob pulp.

CARANI® provides excellent results such as substitute food when weaning domesticated animals such as piglets, calves, and other ruminants, or as food for dairy, cows, and poultry.

CARANI® contains astringing substances such as tannins which prevent piglets from diarrhea by developing the growth of digestive bacteria without altering the tissues cell vitality. Thus, it helps avoiding any risk of mucus exuding and secretion and so protects against external and internal irritations.

CARANI® is a good substitute for milk thanks to its high sugar content: 40 to 45% .It is delicious, presents a good palatability and improves digestibility.

Sweet palatability, fresh taste, large protection, intense aroma, milk substitute, helps natural defense development, helps decrease anxiety and irritability, treats diarrhea, and is inexpensive.

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